According to the public relations report of the Iran-Brazil Joint Chamber of Commerce- The Iran-Brazil Joint Chamber of Commerce, in order to  appreciate and honor the unstoppable efforts of the Ambassador of Iran in Brazil, Dr.Gharibi Chamber office held in Sao Paulo city on 14 September

In addition to the members of the board of directors of the joint chamber and representatives of the Iranian embassy in Brazil, representatives of the Iran Trade Operative Organization and a number of Iranian businessmen and activists tarriance in Brazil were also present in this ceremony


At the beginning of the ceremony, Seyed Fakhreddin Amerian, the chairman of the joint chamber of commerce of Iran and Brazil, while thanking the attendees for participating in the banquet, which he considers  appreciation for Dr. Gharibi, explained his positive performance with renewed and efforts, as well as Due to his complete mastery of economic issues and trade interactions between the two countries of Iran and Brazil in recent years, Iran’s trade balance has grown significantly

Amirian further said that at the beginning of his stay in Brazil, Mr. Dr. Gharibi, considering the potential and capacity available in the common room, called for close interactions to improve the quantitative and qualitative level of activity of Iranian businessmen and solve their problems.


In the opinion of the chairman of the joint chamber, the existence of expert and efficient people like Mr. Dr. Gharibi in the target countries can be of great assistance in increasing the level of interactions and commercial activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran with those countries, and he has amended in  the maximum use of the expertise and experience of these persons of different business issues

.In the following, each of the attendees started to express something in this regard

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